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Jeff Morr, P.A

In June of 2014, after two solid decades, Morr chose to relinquish his management responsibilities and to focus on his favorite part of the business:

Jeff Morr is a seasoned Miami real estate veteran with over 30 years in the business. He is chairman of the Miami Master Broker’s Forum, an organization comprised of the top 300 Realtors in Miami-Dade County. Morr is practically a South Florida native, having been transplanted from Tel-Aviv at the age of six. He brings over 30 years of real of real estate and design experience to the field, having ventured into the real estate world at the age of 21, bringing and education in Advertising and Marketing from Florida International University. Morr reinvented the way South Florida real estate was designed, brand and sold, having introduced the “modern loft” concept in the late 1990’s and having taken a strong part in reshaping the Miami skyline.

Developer consulting and sales as well as brokering substantial residential and commercial transactions. Douglas Elliman was his only choice when contemplating a new home for himself and for his agents. As a result, Majestic Properties was sold to Douglas Elliman in June of 2014 in order for Morr to continue to build his the tremendous level of accomplishments in south Florida.